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Dances Taught 2023

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Dances  Taught 2022 

Wednesday Class

  • Roll Back the Rug (Unknown)

  • Who did you call Darlin' (Kevin & Maria)

  • Trouble with Treble (Maddison Glover)

  • If Not for you (Alison & Josh)

  • Heaven's Jukebox (Jose & Willie)

  • Empty Bottles (Lee Hamilton)

  • The Bed you Made (M S Erlandsson)

  • Until Tomorrow (Lisa Molkner & Marie Williams)

  • When you Dance with Me (Gordon Elliott)

  • It's Automatic (Helen Ng)

  • Forget all your Yesterdays (Beth Mills)

  • Love is a Cowboy (Tracie Murray)

  • She's a Natural Country Girl (Jonno Liberman)

  • Missing You (Gordon Elliott)

  • Lonely Drum (Darren Mitchell)

  • Adios Cowboy (Tina Argyle)

  • Bottom Of The Bottle (Gary O'Reilly)

  • Til The Neons Gone (Darren Bailey)

  • Reunited (Niels Poulsen)

  • Cowboy Bounce (Juliet Lam)

  • Love Grows (Maddison Glover)

  • LOVE-22 (Yulia, Rosanna, Daisy, Linda)

  • If I Know You (Linda Pink)

  • Same Beer (Darren Mitchell)

  • I'm on my Way (Maggie Gallagher)

  • Welcome to the Hotel California (M. Erlandsson)

  • Texas Echo (Rob Fowler)

  • Gives me Shivers (Brandon Zahorsky)

  • Good to Go (Maryloo)

Friday Class

  • Heart like a Wheel (Max Perry)

  • The Older I Get (Tracie Murray)

  • Unmendable (Jan Wylie)

  • Walking to Georgia (Jo & Rachel)

  • Looks Good on Me (Pat Stott)

  • My Angel (Mark Simpkin)

  • Beautiful Casablanca (Juliet Lam)

  • Love is a Fire (Shelley, Kate, Dee)

  • Come What May (Josh Talbot)

  • Mama & Me (Gary O'Reilly)

  • Love is a Cowboy (Tracie Murray)

  • I Wanna Live With You (Maryse & Steph)

  • Less & Less (Travis Taylor)

  • Remember This (Maddison Glover)

  • Dollar Short, Day Late (S. Dingwall)

  • How I Got to Memphis (Ira Wesiburd)

  • Baby I'll (Gordon Elliott)

  • Dear Rodeo (Alison & Peter)

  • If I Know You (Linda Pink)

  • Bottom Of The Bottle (Gary O'Reilly)

  • Storm & Stone (Maddison Glover)

  • Til The Neons Gone (Darren Bailey)

  • Crazy What Love Can Do (Julia Wetzel)

  • Dance Without a Partner (Niels Poulsen)

  • Neon Blue (Tina Argyle)

  • Cold Heart (Maddison Glover)

  • Same Boat (R. McEnaney-White)

  • Steal My Love (Hana Ries)

  • Afterglow (Jennifer Hughes)

  • Brings you Happiness (S. Paterson)

  • Salt, Lime & Tequila (Michelle Wright)

  • Never forget you (Dee Musk)

  • Paint me a Picture (Tracie Murray)

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